PO 120 Vacuum Nylon 75 micron 120 °C 200 cm

PO 120 Vacuum Nylon 75 micron 120 °C 200 cm


PO120 is a new generation extra large extruded advanced copolymer vacuum film. It has outstanding adaptability, especially when applied to distressed shapes with deep recesses or undercut shapes.

PO120 enables molding of complex forms. It has release properties and can be used in direct contact with the resin. This film works in 3 layers: 2 automatic release copolymer layers and a polyamide layer in the middle. It is a styrene resistant film and is non-porous. It can be used for vacuum molding or vacuum infusion technologies.


Store at room temperature and under normal humidity conditions. Do not expose to sunlight. PO120 is a UV sensitive product.

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