Mold Star 30 High Performance Platinum Mold Silicone

Mold Star 30 High Performance Platinum Mold Silicone

Mold Star 30 High Performance Platinum Molding Silicone Mold Star® silicones are platinum silicones that are mixed in a 1A:1B ratio by volume and are easy to use (no precision weighing required). Mold Star® silicones have relatively lower viscosities and vacuum degassing is not required for most applications.

Mold Star® 30 is a much harder material with a Shore hardness of 30A.


General features

Mold Star® silicones provide soft and strong silicone results that are resistant to breakage, and their long-term shrinkage margins are very low. Suitable for pouring wax, plaster, resin, concrete and many other materials, molds made with Mold Star® silicones can be kept in your mold library for a long time. Withstands temperatures of 450°F (232°C), cured Mold Star® silicone is also suitable for pouring low temperature molten metal alloys.

Note: Mold Star® silicones are not suitable for brush application.

Note: This product will not cure on sulphur-containing substrates, even when sealed.


Technicial Specifications

  • Specific Gravity 1.12 g/cc
  • Specific Volume 1.54 m3/kg (24.7 cu. in./lb.)
  • Mixture Life 45 minutes
  • Curing Time6 hours
  • Shore A Hardness 30
  • Tensile Strength: 28.95 Bar (420 psi)
  • 100% Module6.205 Bar (96 psi)
  • Elongation at Break 339 %
  • Die B Breaking Force 88 ply
  • Shrinkage <,001 in. / in.
  • Mixing Ratio by Volume 1A:1B
  • Color:Blue
  • Usable Temperature (min): -53 °C (-65°F)
  • Usable Temperature (max.)  232°C (450°F)
  • Mixture Viscosity 12,500 cps
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