Diatex Infutac Infusion Mold Fiber Bonding & Fixing Spray (Green)

Diatex Infutac Infusion Mold Fiber Bonding & Fixing Spray (Green)

Areas of Use

It is used to fix the fibers on the mold during infusion without affecting the surface of the product to be obtained.

You can work with glass fiber, aramid fibers, carbon fiber and peel ply.

Can be used in vacuum infusion, vacuum molding and RTM applications.

Compatible with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins; this does not affect the curing of the resins.

General Features

  • High bond strength
  • Compatible with different application types
  • Compatible with different resin types
  • Compatible with different fiber types

Technical Specifications

  • High fixing strength in shaping
  • Allows the resin to reach its maximum tensile tear strength
  • With its green color, it provides easy application by allowing you to easily understand where you are applying
  • HAPS free
  • Non-adhesiveness, resin flow problems, surface defects, etc., which are common with other adhesives. It is specially formulated to solve errors.


  • 1 Piece 500 ml Spray
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