PA 80 Peel Ply 80 gr/m2 1610 mm

PA 80 Peel Ply 80 gr/m2 1610 mm


PA80 is a high strength standard peeling fabric produced by DIATEX, designed for use in epoxy and polyester composite systems, and is economical. The fabric leaves a fine surface impression for priming and secondary bonding. Since there is no separator or silicone in the fabric, there is no contamination in the mold.

PA80 is not recommended for phenolic systems. For phenolic systems, it is recommended to use the polyester DIATEX PES90 version.

PA80 is also available in adhesive version PA80AD. It is only 8gr per M2.

Solvent-free, PA80AD permeability is very high. Glue can be dissolved with resins.


Store at room temperature and under normal humidity conditions.


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