DTE 1000 / DTS 1105 Epoxy Based Fiber Lamination Resin 2 Kg

DTE 1000 / DTS 1105 Epoxy Based Fiber Lamination Resin 2 Kg

Product Features



  • Mainly suitable for hand lay-up and vacuum bagging methods, can also be used for infusion, RTM and filament wrapping;
  • With its different hardeners, it has a pot life varying between 45 – 700 minutes;
  • Emitting low exothermic temperature even in thick parts;
  • Enables the production of large parts such as boats and wind turbine blades at once by vacuum bagging method;
  • Lloyd's Register certified;
  • Curable at room temperature;
  • It is a system that can reach high strength values ​​by hot curing at relatively low temperatures.

DURATEK 1000 System, a resin (DTE 1000) and three different   DTS 1100 fast, DTS 1105 slow, DTS 1110 extra slow hardeners. The fastest hardener should be preferred in small / thin and / or fast production, while the extra slow hardener, on the contrary, should be preferred in the production of large / thick and / or time-consuming parts.

The system can be used for methods such as hand layup and vacuum bagging. Its viscosity is suitable for perfect wetting of the fibers, and the product does not leach vertically.

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