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Enez Wind Power Plant

High-Tech Energy

It is located in Edirne. It is Turkey's 545th and Edirne's 5th largest power plant.

Project Description

We have been serving you for years in the production of renewable energy for energy.

Enez Wind Power Plant It is in the Enez district of Edirne. The power plant owned by Boreas Energy has an installed power of 21.60 MWe. The power plant has only been partially commissioned and when the production starts at full capacity, the installed power will be 31 MWe. 8 Nordex wind turbines were used in the RES. Boreas 1 Enez WPP can meet all the electrical energy needs of 15,949 people in their daily lives (such as housing, industry, metro transportation, government offices, environmental lighting) with an average electricity production of 57.926.528 kilowatt-hours. Boreas 1 Enez WPP produces electricity that can meet the electrical energy needs of 19,393 houses when only residential electricity consumption is taken into account.

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