Mold Max 20 High Performance Molding Silicone

Mold Max 20 High Performance Molding Silicone

Mold Max 20 High Performance Molding Silicone,  are tin type silicone compounds with outstanding working properties and shelf life. Mold Max® Silicones, which come with Smooth-On's "Libra®" catalyst, can thus offer a long shelf life. Mold Max® silicones can be colored with Silc Pig® silicone colorants. Cast silicones have a pot life of 45 minutes and the silicone cures overnight at room temperature .

Vacuum degassing using a vacuum pump and chamber is recommended to remove trapped air.


General Features

  • Mold Max® Silicones; It can model many industrial and artistic applications down to the last detail, including prototypes, furniture, sculpture and architectural element patterns.
  • For brush applications; The consistency of Mold Max® 20 can be increased by using THI-VEX® additive.
  • Mold Max® Silicones; Can be used for casting (without mold release) of many materials including wax, gypsum, low melting alloys/metals, urethane, epoxy or polyester resins.



Important: When using Mold Max® silicones, you must weigh Part A and B components using a precision scale to get the correct result.

If you are in doubt about the performance of this material, we recommend that you do a small test application to determine its suitability for your project, given that no application is alike.


Technical Specifications

  • Specific Gravity 1.18 g/cc
  • Specific Volume 1.46 m3(23.5 cu. in./lb.)
  • Mixture Life 45 minutes
  • Curing Time 24 hours
  • Shore A Hardness 20
  • Tensile Strength: 38.26 Bar (555 psi)
  • 100% Module 3.378 Bar (49 psi)
  • Reach at Break 512 %
  • Die B Breaking Force 110 ple up
  • Drain Allowance <0.001 in. / in.
  • Mixing ratios by weight 100A:10B
  • Color: Light Pink
  • Usable Temperature (min): -53  °C (-65 °F)
  • Available Temperature (max.)  204 °C (400 °F)
  • Mixture Viscosity 25,000 cps
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