Mold Max 27T High Performance Clear Molding Silicone

Mold Max 27T High Performance Clear Molding Silicone

Mold Max 27T High Performance Transparent Molding Silicone is a tin-type, transparent colored molding silicone with outstanding tear strength and mechanical properties. The silicone that comes with Smooth-On's "Libra®" catalyst can thus offer a long shelf life.

Vacuum degassing is recommended to deaerate the 100A: 10B mixture by weight. Silicone cures overnight at room temperature. Thi-Vex® consistencies can be increased for applying with a brush and obtaining effects from the Mold Max T silicone family.


General Features

  • Smooth-On's Premium Dragon Skin® offers a similar appearance to platinum silicones.
  • Mold Max® 'T' silicones offer a less costly alternative to creating animatronic skin effects.
  • It is possible to achieve an unlimited number of color effects by adding Silc Pig® silicone pigments or Cast Magic® effect powders.



Caution: When using the Mold Max® 27T you need to weigh the Part A and B components using the gram scale to get the correct result !

NOTE: Mold Max® 'T' series silicones MUST NOT be used to mold Crystal Clear® or Clear Flex® Series urethanes.

Technical Specifications

  • Specific Gravity 1.11 g/cc
  • Specific Volume 1.56 m3/kg (25.0 cu. in./lb.)
  • Mixture Life 45 minutes
  • Curing Time 24 hours
  • Shore A Hardness 27
  • Tensile Strength: 39.64 Bar (575 psi)
  • 100% Module 4.481 Bar (65 psi)
  • Retention at Break 400%
  • Die B Breaking Force 110 ple up
  • Drain Allowance <,0.002 in./in.
  • Color: Translucent
  • Usable Temperature (min): -53 °C (-65 °F)
  • Available Temperature (max.)  204 °C (400 °F)
  • Mixture Viscosity 20,000 cps
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