Mold Star 16 FAST Platinum Mold Silicone

Mold Star 16 FAST Platinum Mold Silicone

Mold Star 16 FAST Platinum Molding Silicone  Mold Star® silicones are easy-to-use platinum silicones that are mixed at a 1A:1B ratio by volume. Mold Star® silicones have relatively lower viscosities and vacuum degassing is not required for most applications. With 6 minutes of application and 30 minutes of curing times, Mold Star® 16 FAST is a fast-applied material.



Mold Star® silicones provide soft and strong silicone results that are resistant to breaking and have very low shrinkage in the long term. Suitable for pouring wax, plaster, resin, concrete and many other materials, molds made with Mold Star® silicones can be kept in your mold library for a long time. Withstands temperatures up to 450°F (232°C), cured Mold Star® silicone is also suitable for pouring low temperature molten metal alloys.

Important: Mold Star® silicones are not suitable for brush application.< /p>


Technical Specifications

  • Specific Gravity: 1.18 g/cc
  • Specific Volume: 1.46 m3/kg (23.5 cu. in./lb.)
  • Mixture Life: 6 minutes
  • Curing Time: 30 minutes
  • Shore A Hardness: 16
  • Tensile Strength: 27.57 Bar (400 psi)
  • Elongation at Break: 440 %
  • Die B Breaking Force: 88 ply
  • Color: Blue-Green
  • Mixing Ratio by Volume: 1A:1B
  • Drain Allowance: <,001 in. / in.
  • Usable Temperature (max.): 232 °C (450 °F)
  • Available Temperature (min):  -53 °C (-65°F)
  • Mixing Ratios by Weight: 1A:1B
  • Mixture Viscosity: 12,500 cps
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