Silicone 3030 RTV2 Mold Silicone 1 Gal - 4.99 Kg

Silicone 3030 RTV2 Mold Silicone 1 Gal - 4.99 Kg

Silicone 3030 RTV2 Molding Silicone 1 Gal - 4.99 Kg,  is a fast curing tin type silicone mold silicone with low viscosity. Its hardness value is 30 Shore A and it does not require vacuum degassing. The mixing ratio by weight is 100A:10B. The life of the mixture is 40 minutes and the curing time is 6 hours at room temperature.

Molds made with Silicone 3030 can be used with wax, gypsum, low melting metal/metal alloys, polyurethane, urethane, epoxy, polyester resins, etc. It is used for casting various materials including.



Application of Coating / Mold Release Agent - Silicone 3030® silicones can be blocked by sulfide-containing clays/gloves, causing tackiness at the template interface or no mold curing (inhibition). If you are unsure of the compatibility between the silicone and the surface/material of your model, we recommend doing a small-scale test. Apply a small amount of silicone to a non-essential area of ​​the model. Inhibition has occurred if the silicone is not cured or has the consistency of gum after the recommended curing time has passed.

The "protective coating" of clear acrylic lacquer sprayed directly onto the mould is generally effective in preventing inhibition. Allow the coating to dry thoroughly.


Technical Specifications

  • Specific Gravity (Density) 1.40 m3/kg (22.5 cu. in./lb.)
  • Specific Volume 0.81 g/cm3
  • Mixture Life 40 minutes
  • Demold Time from Model (Demold) 6 hours
  • Curing Time 24 hours
  • Shore A Hardness 30
  • Tensile Strength: 31.02 Bar (450 psi)
  • Refraction at Elongation 250%
  • Die B Breaking Force 80 pleat
  • Tension Allowance 0.007 cm/cm
  • Mixing ratios by weight 100A:10B
  • Color: White
  • Mixture Viscosity 120 cps
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