UP271 Coating (Polish Type) Polyester Resin

UP271 Coating (Polish Type) Polyester Resin

Areas of Use

Wood, polyester, plastic, etc. It is used to form a thin and transparent polyester layer on different surfaces.

General Features

  • It provides a transparent image when applied around 500 microns with a brush.
  • Provides a glossy surface.
  • Paint polish can be done easily.
  • Can be applied by spraying.
  • Can be sanded with a very fine sandpaper.
  • You must use "Accelerator" (Cobalt 2%) with this product. Sufficient amount of cobalt is shipped with this product.
  • MEK-P Freezer must be purchased separately, it is not shipped with resin!!


Safety- When working with thermosetting resins such as polyester, vinylester, epoxy, work in a well-ventilated environment. Wear a mask if necessary. Be sure to use suitable gloves (For example: FABA Blue 404 Nitrile Gloves). Wear eye protection goggles.


Recommended Freezing Ratio- You should use a suitable "Freezer" (MEK-P) with a volume of 1 ml or a weight of 1 g for each 100 g of "Coating (Polish Type) Polyester Resin". Since the dosage is precise, it is recommended to use a scale such as a precision scale or kitchen scale. To add MEK-P, you can easily use an injector whose needle you have removed. (If the ambient temperature is low (for example, in winter), this rate goes up to 2%.)


IMPORTANT: Coating (Polish Type) Freezing and Accelerator Coating (Polish Type) sent with your Freezer (MEK-P) and Accelerator (Cobalt Octoate 2%) orders that you will place with your polyester orders. It is sent in accordance with Polyester Resin. Please do not use ordinary freezers and accelerators. For best results, the ratio of freezer and accelerator should not be changed. The use of auxiliary materials outside the specified ratios may cause curing or gelling problems too late !

Technical Specifications

  • Viscosity 70-90 cp
  • Acid Value 11-16 mgKOH/g
  • Gel Time 10-15 minutes
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