UP40S Sandwich Panel Type Polyester (Does Not Melt Styrofoam)

UP40S Sandwich Panel Type Polyester (Does Not Melt Styrofoam)

Use Areas:

It is used to protect the outer surface, as it is a resin that does not melt the styrofoam in model works made with styrofoam. It serves to protect the model in the mold to be taken from the model.

It is a top layer sandwich panel polyester with a special formula that does not melt the styrofoam for model works to be made with styrofoam.

It is especially used in the production of panels that require thermal insulation such as frigofrig and cold storage.

General Features

Contains self-cobalt; Just adding MEK-P is enough.

Applied as a thin layer.

It is applied to the styrofoam surface and left to cure by applying some pressure on it.

Applied only with a brush.

Technical Specifications:

  • Gel time: 15-20 min.
  • Curing temperature max. 150 degrees


  • 18 Kg

Supplementary Materials/Complementary Products:

  • Freezer

About Freezer Usage:

  • For each 100 g of "Sandwich Panel Type Polyester", you need to use 2 ml of suitable "Freezer" (MEK-P).
  • Freezer is added to the resin and mixed thoroughly until the mixture becomes homogeneous. After these processes, curing begins. Curing time varies depending on ambient conditions.
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