VE08 Vinylester Resin

VE08 Vinylester Resin

Use Areas:

It is used in the boat and maritime sector, in the production of storage tanks resistant to chemicals, in water and waste water pipes, in the construction of composite molds, in the construction of vehicles to be used in harsh environmental conditions and in all works to prevent corrosion (rust).

General Features

  • Very Strong in terms of Chemical Resistance- The most important feature of vinylester resins is that they have superior chemical resistance. For this reason, it is used in all areas that require chemical protection.
  • Mechanical Properties are Superior - Vinylester resins are mechanically superior to polyester.
  • Resistant to Harsh Environmental Conditions- Vinylester resins show superior properties against all kinds of external effects. Therefore, it is preferred in humid, extremely hot and corrosive environments.
  • Cobalt Octoate 6% Accelerator and MEK-P Freezer and must be purchased separately. These auxiliary products do not come with the resin, they must be purchased separately !


Safety- When working with thermosetting resins such as polyester, vinylester, epoxy, work in a well-ventilated environment. Wear a mask if necessary. Be sure to use suitable gloves (For example: FABA Blue 404 Nitrile Gloves). Wear eye protection goggles.

Recommended Accelerator Ratio- You should use appropriate "Accelerator" (Cobalt Octoate 6%) in 0.2 ml volume or 0.2 g weight for each 100 g of "Vinylester Resin". Since the dosage is precise, it is recommended to use a scale such as a precision scale or kitchen scale. To add Cobalt Octoate 6%, you can easily use an injector from which you have removed the needle.

IMPORTANT: The Vinylester Resin is sent in accordance with the Freezing and Accelerator Vinylester Resin that is sent with your Freezing (MEK-P) and Accelerator (Cobalt Octoate 6%) orders. Please do not use ordinary freezers and accelerators. For best results, the ratio of freezer and accelerator should not be changed. The use of auxiliary materials outside the specified ratios may cause curing or gelling problems too late !

  • Tensile Strength: 70 Mpa
  • Retention at Break: %2.2
  • Drain Factor: 3700 Mpa
  • Bending Strength: 110 Mpa
  • Bend Coefficient: 3800 Mpa
  • Thermal Flexural Resistance (HDT): 105 oC
  • Hardness Value: 40 (Barcol)
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