VE082 Infusion Type Vinylester Resin

VE082 Infusion Type Vinylester Resin

Areas of Use

Vinylester resins are thermoset class matrix materials with higher performance than unsaturated polyester resins. It is suitable for use with both glass fiber and carbon fiber.

General Features

Infusion Type Vinylester Resin; It is a vinylester resin with bisphenol A based epoxy content. It has medium reactivity and low viscosity. It has been specially developed for L-RTM and vacuum infusion applications, which are closed molding methods.

It can be used in the production of all composite parts where high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties, high impact resistance, high hydrolysis and chemical resistance are required. It is preferred in the maritime, aviation, defense and construction sectors.


Safety- When working with Infusion Type Vinylester Resin, take your personal safety precautions in a well-ventilated environment. If necessary, wear a mask and be sure to use suitable gloves. Wear eye protection goggles.

Accelerator Ratio (0.2% - 0.3%)- 2 g – 3 g per 1 kg of "Infusion Type Vinylester Resin" Accelerator (Cobalt Octoate, 6% solution)” must be used. Since the dosage is sensitive, it is recommended to use a precision scale or kitchen scale. You can easily use an injector or pasteur pipette from which you have removed the needle to add accelerator to vinylester.

Important - "Catalyst (MEK-P)" must be added in order for the curing reaction of vinylester resins to start. Adding "Accelerator (Cobalt Octoate)" alone does not initiate the reaction. Accelerator and catalyst react violently when mixed externally, so they must be added separately into the vinylester resin (it is recommended to add the accelerator first and then the catalyst). Special attention should be paid to this issue!

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